Monday, December 13, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I was inspired by Samantha Nandez and Emily Tebbetts to go back and look at my 2010's New Year's Resolutions and I realized I definitely did not aim high enough. So this year - I am expecting much more out of myself and going to give myself more of a challenge.

2010's Resolutions
- live happily: I'd say I did a pretty good job doing this. But, it can always use improvement. Next year, less stress about money.

-make an effort with friends: I'd say I've gotten much better at this than I had been in 2009.  However, I still need work in this area so I will continue to work on this in 2011.

-buy 50mm lens: I bought this right away in January. I remember thinking how expensive a $300 lens was. HA. Recently I just bought the 85mm 1.2 I have changed my mind. lol

-buy the Canon 5d mark II: I was able to purchase my new camera back in April/May.

-save $1000.00: I was able to do this finally by summer and I had done a pretty good job holding on to it until just recently (w/ buying the 85mm 1.2)

-save up for lighting: I purchased a small lighting kit in Feb. (I think?) but this is something I'm going to continue to try to grow and use more often than I have been recently.

2011's Resolutions
1. Shoot more. much much more. My goal is at least once a week. This will probably be the hardest for me. Not because I don't want to shoot obviously, but because I hate doing self-portraits, it will be hard getting different people to shoot with every week, and I criticize myself so much on my own work.
2. Travel. Well I'm on a good route to this one. I'll be traveling to NYC/NJ for New Years. Also, I'm hoping to travel to Holland and England again next summer.
3. Move to a new city/state.
4. Continue to use my film camera more often.
5. See my images in a magazine in print!
6. Buy a new lens. or two. :)
7. Start shooting video.
8. Experiment more with studio setups & lighting.
9. Live Happily - (without worrying about money so much)
10. Go out more - I tend to be such a hermit (especially with my computer) this year I'd like to go out more and meet up with friends more often (& make more amazing friendships) :]

I'm sure I will think of more things to add to this. If I do, I promise to update it.

I hope you all have a great New Year! Good things are sure to come. =]


  1. Cheers!

    There is much to look forward to in the coming year, I can't wait! I'll be posting some new resolutions once the new year starts. Maybe you can help me stay on track ;D


  2. ah, i should get to this! you're photography is just so amazing, and you've definitely grown a lot this year! well done!