Thursday, May 6, 2010

new shutter release review!

Hello! I'm sorry I've been so absent and horrible about blogging. I am giving myself a new goal, as part of my 52week project, I have to blog AT LEAST once a week (if not more). I am going to be much busier with the days getting longer and the weather getting nicer and so I will have more to write about. lol.

I just got my new shutter release in the mail today and I wanted to do a little review on it for those who have been comtemplating buying one. I bought mine off of ebay, for $16.00 from an ebay store located in China. I checked on what the batteries were before purchasing, just because they usually give you crap ones to begin with so I wanted to make sure I could easily buy them around my area.

I tested it out today and so far so good! I love it! The batteries work well so far, and I had absolutely no problem hooking it up to my camera.

I haven't gone very far distances with it (yet). :) But, I plan to, and the auto focus works really well, which is soooo nice to have. lol

Here is my niece attempting to work it. lol. She couldn't quite figure out how to half-way hold it to focus so I apologize for the out-of-focusness.

Here are a few pictures of the exact shutter release I bought and what it looks like.

When I was looking on ebay there were quite a few different stores selling different versions of the same remote I bought. I figured they were all the same, just different names. So hopefully should you decide to purchase one too you won't have problems finding one. :) Btw: I shoot with Canon, but the remote is meant to work on Nikon as well.

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